The Justification Debate - Discussion Starter

I wanted to share this summary from Christianity Today about the current debate between theologians N.T. Wright and John Piper regarding the nature of justification.  I’m almost finished working my way through Wright’s book on the subject, and am pretty convinced (as I expected I would be) that his Scriptural support is abundant.

In a second article about the practical implications of the justification debate, this question was asked:

“Which is more scandalous? The multitudes of Christians who think they need to earn their salvation by being good? Or the throng of Christians who think that holy living doesn't matter so long as they have prayed the sinner's prayer?”

I’m not sure that this is the best question to ask, as both Wright and Piper would most certainly deny either extreme. But I thought it would be a good discussion starter.

Which extreme have you encountered most often? With which did you grow up? Do you think that either Wright's or Piper's position naturally leads to one of these conclusions, or are these essentially straw man arguments?


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