Rob Bell in Prime Time

So did you catch the big live-streamed event in which Rob Bell discussed Love Wins? What did you think? (If you missed it, don't worry. It will replay here on a continuous loop.)  

My impressions:

  • Lisa Miller asked some fantastic questions. 
  • One of Rob’s best points was that “the question behind the question” has to do with the character and nature of God.  Definitely!  
  • I’m hoping Rob will bring the honest answer of “I don’t know” back into style. 
  • Unfortunately, I fear that Rob may have given his detractors more ammunition rather than less. For example, they are NOT going to like his “we’re all okay” response to the question about good works and salvation. I wasn't crazy it about myself, frankly.
  •  My conclusion: Rob has reintroduced some old ideas to a new audience. I believe that others like NT Wright and Greg Boyd have perhaps articulated these ideas better (see Why Wait for 'Love Wins'?), but I’m so very glad we’re having this conversation! 

Favorite quotes: 

  •  “God is love and love demands freedom." 
  •  "Resurrection says that this world matters." 
  • “Grace and love always rattle people."
  • ”..Don't turn your speculation into dogma." 

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Now let's hear your thoughts!


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