Open Mic: What triggers your doubts?

Microphonephoto © 2008 Paul | more info (via: Wylio)

Over the next few weeks I’ll be participating in a couple of forums about faith and doubt—one at Big Tent Christianity and one at Bryan College.

I’d love to share your story as well as mine, so today’s going to be a sort of open mic focused around one question:  What triggers doubt in your life? 

Maybe it’s the sense that faith conflicts with science.  Maybe it’s troubling Bible passages that seem to condone genocide. Maybe it’s theologies related to hell. Maybe it’s personal struggles that make you wonder if God is even there. 

Feel free to be as brief (one word!) or as lengthy (your life story!) or as creative (a haiku!) as you would like. Any quotes I use at the forums will be anonymous. 


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