Why can't I reach Rachel directly?

Rachel enjoys connecting with people. Unfortunately, it's just not practical for her to respond to everyone who contacts her. If she did, she couldn't get any writing done! That said, she puts considerable effort into reviewing the various discussions that happen on this website, Facebook, and Twitter when time allows. If you're an active participant in those conversations, there's a good chance she'll see what you write even if she doesn't respond directly.


U.S. media requests:
Tiffany Sawyer
email: Tiffany.Sawyer@harpercollins.com

International media requests:
Brittany Lassiter
email: Brittany.Lassiter@harpercollins.com

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For publishing-related inquiries including articles and books contact Rachel's literary agent, Rachelle Gardner.


For things like speaking, and other event booking requests:

Jim Chaffee
Chaffee Management

Phone: (615) 300-9699


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