12 Signs You Need a Break from the Internet

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free
'The Workaholic NSA' photo (c) 2007, herval - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

1. You’ve “pinned” more meals than you’ve made. 

2. You’re pretty sure that slinkies are getting more treadmill time than you are.

3. Your explanation to your husband about why you had a bad day begins with, “Well, some guy tweeted...”

4. You have nightmares about Condescending Wonka. 

5. Google Analytics has been streaming real-time on your laptop for a full 72 hours.

6. You’ve had longer conversations with strangers in the comment section of your blog than you’ve had with your own mother. 

7. You just know that this politically-charged image + this politically-charged caption will result in changed hearts and minds on Facebook. 

8. You’ve been politely asked to "please buy a bagel or get out" by someone wearing a Panera Bread hat. 

9. You’re mad because someone lifted a link from your weekly link roundup to use in his weekly link roundup (even though you did the very same thing to him the week before). 

10. You can’t remember what you did in the morning before Google Reader. 

11. When you go outside, the sun hurts your eyes. 

12. When you consider taking a few days off, your first thought is, “but what will the Internet do without me?”  

Because more of these apply to me than I care to admit, I’m going to take a four-day break from the internet. You can still catch our faith & parenting guest post on Saturday, (and it’s a good one, from Micha Boyett), but don’t expect to hear much from me until after Memorial Day. 

Bring on the sprinklers and flip flops! It’s summertime! 

So what else would you add to this list?

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