Books and Bicep Curls

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Friends James and Michelle recently donated a new clothes line…er…exercise machine to our home. It was my idea to accept it, (Dan was skeptical), so I made space for it my office, where I have vowed to use it at least three times a week before swimsuit season. 

As we set it up, Dan’s face betrayed his thoughts. His “I’m looking at a liability” expression is unmistakable to me. But he didn’t say anything because, as Christian married people who have read all the Christian married people books, we know that suppressed anger is what Christian married people do best. Besides, we had agreed early on that once we decided to take it, we wouldn’t second guess ourselves. 

As the thing came together, however, it became apparent that while there clearly isn’t room for the exercise machine in my office, there might just be a little room for my office next to the exercise machine. This gave me the opportunity to file away a mountain of old paperwork and organize my books. I now have a clean and clear space of my own for reading, writing, and bicep curls.  

So, here’s to the new exercise machine! I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly…I’d say at least once a week

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