Fantasy Dinner Party

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

I might be the only person in the world who ever thinks about this, but sometimes when I can’t fall asleep at night I like to imagine who I would invite to my fantasy dinner party. It’s sort of like playing fantasy football, only the “sport” is conversation and my “players” are interesting people. 

These are the people who have made it to my list so far:

1. Condoleeza Rice: Smart and powerful, she’s traveled the world and met some of its most notable figures. I’m sure she’s got stories to tell and ideas to discuss. Also, she’s a concert pianist. How cool is that? 

2. Oprah: A great communicator and philanthropist, she always asks great questions in interviews and brings attention to important causes. I know it’s cheesy, but she actually inspires me to be more introspective and work harder toward my goals…(and I bet if you asked, 90 percent of American women would tell you the same thing.) 

3. Jon Meacham: He’s the editor of Newsweek and knows just about everything about religion in America. 

4. Rory Stewart: This guy walked across Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Iraq and lived to write a couple of books about it. Enough said! 

5. Donald Miller: Author of Blue Like Jazz, I like how this guy thinks. 

6. Warren Buffet: Who wouldn’t want to pick his brain?

7. Tina Fey: Just in case the conversation got too serious. 

So, who else should I add? Who would make it to your list. (They have to be alive.) What do you think we would talk about?

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