Second Honeymoon in LeGrange

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Hello from LeGrange, Georgia! Never heard of it? Neither had we until we got stuck here in an attempt to avoid the hail, tornados, and flash floods plaguing Atlanta today.

On our way back from a conference with one of my clients at Calloway Gardens (about 70 miles south of the city), Dan and I got word of the weather and decided to call it a day. So we’re hanging out at the Hampton Inn in LaGrange, enjoying cable TV, room service, and (lucky me) free Wi-Fi. We haven’t even seen a drop of rain.

The funny thing is, after a crazy busy week, with both of us going 100-miles-per-hour in different directions, we’re really enjoying ourselves. I guess sometimes an unexpected delay can turn out to be a blessing...or at least a reminder that it never hurts to slow down for a few hours.

So, do not disturb. We’re vacationing in LaGrange!

(P.S. More posts about Hillary/Obama to come! Thanks for your interesting comments.

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