Where do you get your information?

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

There’s a group of people in America that pundits refer to as “low-information voters.” Apparently, these are people who step into the voting booth, scratch their heads, and commence with “eeny, meeny, miney, mo.” Well, right now, as the election draws near, I feel more like a “too-much-information voter.”

My addiction to cable news is out-of-control, and I’ve taken to checking Politico and MSNBC.com hourly. You know something is wrong when the CNN ticker begins scrolling across your dreams at night!

Much has been said this year about media bias. I know a lot of people who are absolutely convinced that the liberal media is responsible for Obama’s lead in the polls. Having worked for a daily newspaper myself, I tend to give the media a break, knowing that folks often see a bias where they expect to see it. (When I worked for the Chattanooga Times Free Press, for example, I once wrote an article about “holiday hires”—students who got part-time jobs in November and December. A reader sent me a very angry letter, condemning my use of the word “holiday” instead of “Christmas”, saying that I clearly had a “bias against religion” in my reporting. )

But a person’s opinions regarding politics are undoubtedly affected by where she gets her information.

So, in the interest of full disclosure, here’s where I get my information. (Where do you get yours?)

Publications to Which I Subscribe: Newsweek, the Atlantic Monthly

Web Sites I Check Daily: Jesus Creed (Scot McKnight), Beauty and Depravity (Eugene Cho), Politico, MSNBC.com, CNN.com, The Daily Beast, God’s Politics, the Herald News (Dayton)

Preferred Cable News Network: CNN

Favorite News Shows: Meet the Press, the News Hour, Hardball, and, of course, THE COLBERT REPORT! :)

Reporters/Pundits I Trust: I believe everything that David Gergen says. The Rachel Maddow show is my guilty pleasure. Campbell Brown strikes me as smart and feisty, so I like her too. I also enjoy reporting from Fareed Zakaria, John Meacham, Nicholas Kristof, and Chuck Todd. I really miss Tim Russert. Stephen Colbert is my hero.

Reporters/Pundits the U.S. Government Could Use to Effectively Torture Me: Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Lou Dobbs

Books that Have Helped Shape My Political Views: “The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman, “Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger” by Ron Sider, “Jesus for President” by Shane Claiborne, “The Audacity of Hope” by Barack Obama, and, of course, “I am America and So Can You” by Stephen Colbert. [On my wish list: Yoder’s “The Politics of Jesus” and Zakaria’s “The Post-American World.”]

What about you?

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