Dan's Blog, Your Blog, and The Prop 8 Musical

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Not to be outdone, my husband Dan just launched a blog of his own!

Visit www.escapetradition.com to read it. It touches on Dan’s wide range of interests—from self-employment, to tech news, to investment opportunities, to stories about how wonderful and gracious and beautiful his wife is. Not a lot on theology or politics or social action...Dan said he thought I had that covered.

Another interesting online phenomenon is the now viral Prop 8 Musical video. What was your reaction? Some of my friends say they were offended by how Christians were portrayed in the skit. Were you? Honestly, I thought it was pretty spot-on. (I thought that both sides were stereotyped, which is appropriate for this sort of satirical, SNL-type piece.) As you all know, I’ve been a bit critical of the conservative Christian community for “picking and choosing” when it comes to applying Scripture to public life, so I couldn’t help but chuckle when Jack Black brought out the shrimp cocktail and called it an "abomination." What was your reaction? Also, did you read the newsweek article entitled "Our Mutual Joy" about the religious case for gay marriage?

And finally, in the spirit of Finish-the Sentence-Friday, and while we’re on the topic of other people’s blogs, I’d like to invite fellow bloggers to take a moment to shamelessly promote your site. I just love it when I find out one of my readers has a blog of their own, so go ahead, include an invitation to your site in your comment. Tell us what you like to write about.

It's kind of a free-for-all today, so have at it.

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