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Although we have several Catholic readers at this blog, I would venture to say the majority of us are Protestants of some variety.Growing up in the evangelical Bible Belt culture, I received a lot of misinformation about Catholics that I’ve only recently begun to identify and correct. So for all of us, I thought it would be helpful to invite a Catholic to be our next guest in our interview series. 

Devin Rose is a longtime reader of the blog, who always brings an interesting perspective to our dialogs. A native Texan, Devin grew up in an atheistic home and achieved great success academically and in sports. But during college, he began suffering from a social anxiety disorder and panic attacks, leading him to question the foundation of his atheism. Ultimately this search brought him to God, and in the year 2000 he became a Southern Baptist. He dove into the Christian Faith and learned everything he could about the issues that divide Protestants and Catholics. This search led him tofull communion with the Catholic Church.

Quite the faith journey, right? 

Devin works as a software developer and in his free time writes articles on adoption, Catholic fatherhood, and apologetics. He and his wife live in the Southwest with their four children.

Devin blogs at St. Joseph’s Vanguard and recently released a book entitled If Protestantism Is True.

You know the drill. The point is not to debate or challenge, but to ask the sort of questions that will help us understand one another better. Please take advantage of the “like” feature so that we can get a sense of what questions are of most interest to readers. We’ll pick the top seven or eight questions and post Devin’s responses to them on Tuesday. 

Ask away…

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