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At the beginning of the year, when I asked what sort of people you would like to talk to for our interview series, one of the most popular suggestions was to interview Christians who identified with various political parties.  We’ve already spoken with Caryn Rivadeneira for “Ask a Christian Libertarian” and Matthew Lee Anderson for “Ask a Christian Conservative.” As promised, today you get the chance to interview Tim King for “Ask a Christian Progressive.”

Tim King is the Director of Communications at Sojourners.  He is a graduate of North Park University in Chicago with degrees in both Theology and Philosophy. After graduation, he worked for the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) as an organizer on the South Side of Chicago. Tim ran campaigns around food access, school funding reform, ex-offender issues, and youth homelessness.  He also developed and implemented organizing curriculums for high school to graduate level classes. After a brief stint as a campaign consultant, Tim came on staff with Sojourners in 2008.

Tim has been a guest on many radio shows and podcasts and has been interviewed for various print and online publications including ABC News, TIME, CNN, Christianity Today, The Christian Post, and the Daily Beast. He blogs regularly about the intersection of faith and politics at and you can follow him on twitter.

Tim says he works to bring principles of Biblical social justice to public policy and, as a result, finds himself entirely frustrated with our current two-party system. He told me that his identity crisis only deepened as he realized how often he agrees with our resident Republican, Matthew Anderson. 

You know the drill: If you have a question for Tim, leave it in the comment section. At the end of the day, I’ll pick the top seven or eight questions and send them to Tim. We'll post his response next week.  Be sure to take advantage of the “like” feature so that we can get a sense of what questions are of most interest to readers.  Please remember the point of our interview series is not to debate or challenge, but to ask the sort of questions that will help us understand one another better. 

(You can check out the rest of the interview series—which includes an atheist, a Mormon, a humanitarian, an evolutionary creationist, a Catholic, an Orthodox Jew, a gay Christian, a Muslim, Quaker, and more—here.) 

Ask away!

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