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by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Our interview series is still going strong, and today you get the chance to interview a pacifist. 

Tripp York teaches in the Religious Studies Department at Virginia Wesleyan University and is the author of The Devil Wears Nada: Satan Exposed!, an entertaining book about whether proving the existence of Satan might, in turn, prove the existence of God. Admitting the idea is not half-bad (and thus, conversely, only half-good), York enlists the aid of numerous ministers, theologians, spiritual warriors, pagans, shamanists, fortune tellers, and Satanists in his quest to determine the whereabouts of God’s first fallen creature.

Tripp is also committed to Christian nonviolence, and in June releases a book, co-edited with Justin Bronson Barringer, called A Faith Not Worth Fighting For: Addressing Commonly Asked Questions about Christian Nonviolence from Cascade Books.  Tripp and Justin have assembled essays from various well-known pastors, scholars, and activists, including Shane Claiborne, Lee C. Camp, Amy Laura Hall, and others, to explain why the nonviolent path of Jesus is a nonnegotiable aspect of Christian discipleship. This is the first volume in The Peaceable Kingdom Series, a multi-volume series that seeks to challenge the pervasive violence assumed necessary to humans, non-human animals, and the larger environment. 

When Tripp isn’t teaching, he can be found blogging for the Other Journal as the Amish Jihadist

You know the drill: If you have a question about Christian nonviolence for Tripp, leave it in the comment section. At the end of the day, I’ll pick the top seven or eight questions and send them to him. We'll post his response next week.  Be sure to take advantage of the “like” feature so that we can get a sense of what questions are of most interest to readers.  

Please remember the point of our interview series is not to debate or challenge, but to ask the sort of questions that will help us understand one another better. (You can check out the rest of the interview series—which includes an atheist, a Muslim, a Mormon, a humanitarian, an evolutionary creationist, a Catholic, an Orthodox Jew, a gay Christian, a Christian libertarian, a Mennonite, and more—here.) 

Next week, look for Tripp’s responses, along with “Ask a Pentecostal...”

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