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While it’s important for all of us to be engaged in the difficult, redemptive work of racial reconciliation, some people have made it their day job.  For this week’s “Ask a…” interview I’m thrilled to introduce you to Austin Channing Brown who serves as a counselor and adviser within dominant culture Christian ministries and churches. Here’s how Austin describes herself and her work: 

“My journey as a racial reconciler began in college with an experience called Sankofa- a three-day bus trip exploring Civil Rights sites throughout the South. My roommate and I went through this experience together, and I was never the same.  Since then, I’ve worked with national speaker and consultant Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil, earned a Masters in Social Justice (in one of my favorite cities- Detroit!), and directed a short-term missions site on the west-side of Chicago, where I created interactive opportunities for young people to engage issues of poverty, injustice and race. Now I work with Christian churches and organizations like Willow Creek Community Church leading and collaborating on multicultural initiatives, alongside an amazing team of fellow reconcilers. When I come home at the end of the day, I am always welcomed by my supportive husband, Tommie and my sweet puppy, Mowgli.”

You can check out Austin’s blog here. Or follow her on Twitter. 

You know the drill! If you have a question for Austin, leave it in the comment section. Please take advantage of the “like” feature so we know which questions are of most interest to readers. At the end of the day, I’ll choose 6-7 questions to send to Austin for response. You can look for the follow-up with Austin’s responses in about a week. 

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