An invitation to join the “Year of Biblical Womanhood” launch team

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

It’s hard to believe that this time last year, after marking Rosh Hoshanah with the sounding (read: tooting) of my shofar and the baking (read: burning) of my challah bread, I celebrated the conclusion of my “year of biblical womanhood.”

Sounding my shofar after a tashlich ceremony at the conclusion of Rosh Hashanah. Not pictured: frightened birds

Sounding my shofar after a tashlich ceremony at the conclusion of Rosh Hashanah. Not pictured: frightened birds

A few months later, with trembling fingers, I hit “send” and delivered my 100,000+ word manuscript to Thomas Nelson, where my talented and longsuffering editor took one look at it and said, “can you trim this down a bit?”  

My "glory" after 365 days without a haircut

My "glory" after 365 days without a haircut

And now— after several rounds of edits and a bit of controversy—it’s nearly time to share my experience with you. A Year of Biblical Womanhood officially releases on October 30...just 20 days from now!  

Of course, this means it’s time to put on my promotion hat, a task made much easier by the fact that I believe so strongly in the message of this book.  As always, I promise to share this part of the journey with as much transparency and honesty as I can muster—when it’s fun, when it’s frustrating, when it’s rewarding, when it’s crazy, when it feels right and when it feels wrong.  

 Don’t worry. I won’t be inundating the blog with promotional material and review—our series and discussions will continue as usual—but for those of you who want to take a more active role in getting the word out about A Year of Biblical Womanhood, I want to let you know about a cool opportunity offered by my publisher. 

In addition to a scheduled blog tour, we’re inviting up to 75 readers to be part of a Launch Team for A Year of Biblical Womanhood

As a member of the Launch Team, you will get: 

  • a complimentary, electronic, "Advance Reader's Copy" of A Year of Biblical Womanhood
  • access to one of those cool secret Facebook groups 
  • behind the scenes participation in a national book launch

You'll be expected to:

  • read the book
  • participate in the Launch Team Facebook group 
  • write an honest review of the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble during launch week
  • spread the word via social networking and word and mouth 

If more than 75 people apply, my team at Thomas Nelson will make a selection based on their own criteria. 

The best thing about blogging is that it keeps me in constant communication with my readers. I wrote this book for you. I thought of you through every “biblical” experiment, through every first draft, through every re-write, and through every marketing decision.  So bear with me over the next 20 days as things get a little crazy, and please feel free to tell me if you have questions, concerns, or ideas.  

This book is meant to be a conversation-starter. I can’t wait to see what ideas you bring to it! 

(By the way, the book includes more than 20 pictures!)

UPDATE: Thanks for your interest! We're no-longer accepting new applications.

View Application Page 

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