Book Club + Finish-The-Sentence-Friday

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

I’m working on the last few chapters of my book and am poised to finish by my April 1 deadline. Hurray! I’m also obsessing over every little detail, losing a lot of sleep, and eating through 1-pound bags of animal crackers like there’s no tomorrow.  Ugh!

Since I’m a bit preoccupied, I’ve decided to forgo an official book club selection for the month of March. Instead, I’m opening the floor to any of you who would like to contribute a book review of your own.  If you’ve recently read something that you think might be of interest to this community, write a short, 500-800 word review and send it to me via the “contact” form (or via my e-mail. if you have it).

Friend of the blog Howard Pepper has written an excellent response to The Great Emergence, which will run on Monday.  Hopefully, we’ll get enough responses to run a review every Monday after that.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Note: I’ll be re-posting my billboard article this weekend because the local paper is running a letter to the editor aboout it. Hopefully, this will generate some more local responses.  

Okay, so we haven’t done this in a while—Finish one (or both) of the following sentences:  1) My biggest concern about the economic recession is..., or,  2) I’ve been most affected by the economic recession with...

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