What is a "Christian Worldview"?

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

So this week I have the opportunity to share some of my thoughts with a group of college freshmen in a Christian Worldview class. As I prepare for that, (and recover from this week’s “Adventures in Missing the Point” conference in Chattanooga), I thought I’d ask what you think about the phrase, “Christian Worldview.”

How can it be useful? How might it be misleading? Is it possible to teach a consistent and uniform Christian worldview when there is so much diversity within the Christian tradition? To what degree can we intentionally maintain a Christian worldview, and to what degree is our worldview culturally conditioned? How can we use the phrase in an effective way?

My hope is that the students will come away from the talk with an appreciation for how their worldview class is preparing them to think critically about their faith and become familiar with Christian theology and practice, but also how their worldview is bound to change over the next few  years – and how that’s okay.


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