Going on the radio…and leaving the boxing gloves behind

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

So this morning, I was honored to be featured on the Nick & Josh Podcast, speaking with Josh Case about the book, doubt, and why I’m definitely “the next Donald Miller.” :-) A good time was had by all.

This afternoon, I’ll be interviewed by Bob Dutko—a conservative talk radio host from Detroit, Michigan, pictured here with the boxing gloves he uses to “fearlessly defend the Christian faith” against democrats, scientists, Muslims, and gays.

Now if you know anything about me or my book, you will understand why I’m a little nervous about interview #2. My story is about leaving the boxing gloves behindabout calling a truce on the culture wars that have left so many people beaten and bruised and left for dead by those who claim to follow a crucified Savior. 

Fellow authors warned me to be prepared for a “verbal thrashing,” while readers from Michigan have said they will pray for me.  I can tell that Dan is anxious, and I find myself conducting little arguments about the age of the earth in my head. 

As I struggle to prepare for this conversation, I can’t help but wonder, Is this how I used to make people feel? Were they afraid to talk to me about their faith because they expected me to do everything I could to make them look foolish and small?  What a shame that Christianity has been cast as a position in a debate rather than a loving, life-giving way of life.

Fortunately, my pastor happens to be teaching from the book of Philippians and last night he reminded us that the virtues included in Paul’s favorite salutation—grace and peace—are to be extended to all people, without reservation… even conservative talk radio hosts. 

I can’t expect my call for a truce to be taken seriously unless I’m the first to lay down my arms. 

So I’m not going to argue with Bob Dutko. I’m just going to share my story, hoping that my words will touch that one listener who might be struggling with doubt…and that my friends are right when they say, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” 


Got any last-minute tips for surviving a potentially hostile interview?

[Update: You can listen to the interview here]

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