Empower Women, End Poverty

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

"…In my opinion, the single most significant thing that can be done to cure extreme poverty is this: protect, educate, and nurture girls and women and provide them with equal rights and opportunities – educationally, economically, and socially." 
–Rich Stearns, President, World Vision US

Women of Vision is a volunteer ministry of World Vision that mobilizes women to address poverty and justice issues that relate specifically to other women and their children. 

Volunteers are involved in combating female genital mutilation in East Africa, providing counseling services to children in war-torn areas of the Middle East, helping young Romanians integrate into society after growing up in orphanages, and meeting the needs of street children in Cambodia, Mexico, and Mongolia.  All proceeds from the auction, (after fees), will go to projects like these.

Thank you for your bids!

Package #1 includes 2 reversible car seat covers, a light blue knit scarf, a “Robin’s Nest” therapy sack, and a signed copy of Evolving In Monkey Town.

Package #2 includes 2 reversible car seat covers, a green-and-white-striped knit scarf (perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!), and a one-of-a-kind Proverbs 31 sash, handmade and signed by yours truly!

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