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by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

[Note: Look for this week’s installment of “That’s a Good Question” later this afternoon. I’ll be focusing on some of the questions you posed to help me pass as an intellectual at the BioLogos conference. But first I have to do some shameless self-promotion.]

Evolving in Monkey Town has been available on Amazon for about a week now, and already the news is beginning to spread across the blogosphere…no doubt a result of your continued enthusiasm and support. Reviews/interviews from this past week include:

Review: Chaplain Mike – Internet Monk
Review: Danny Bixby
Review: Ray Hollenbach – Students of Jesus 
Review: Allen Paige – From Grace to Wisdom
Podcast Interview: Coffee Chats – Travis Mamone
Review: Jonathan Stegall
Interview: Susan Ott – Associated Content
Review and InterviewMason Slater – New Ways Forward
BOOK GIVEAWAY: Travis Mamone

If you would like to keep track of future reviews, (in other words, if you are my mom), visit the new reviews and press page. And if you have read the book and enjoyed it, please consider writing a review on theAmazon page.

Some other ways to help spread the word:

  • Use Facebook or Twitter to share your favorite lines from the book.
  • Suggest Evolving in Monkey Town as a selection for your book club or small group study.
  • Read the book in a public place—airport, coffee shop, subway. (Bonus points for laughing out loud, nodding your head, and wiping away tears.)
  • Review the book on your blog. (Bonus points for using the phrase “female Donald Miller” to describe its author; see Danny Bixby’s hilarious review for an example.)

Have you received your copy yet? 

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