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by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Every now and then I like to take a day or two to reflect on how to make the blog better, and for that I need your help.  

You guys do a great job of providing feedback through the comment section, Facebook, and Twitter, but it’s helpful if I can consolidate that advice now and then.

So, three questions: 

1. What do you want to hear from me? More (or less) personal /humorous stories? More (or less)reflections on gender issues? More (or less) thoughts about faith and doubt? More (or less)book/movie reviews? More (or less) theological conversations? More (or less) about my experiences in the Christian publishing/speaking industry? More (or less) opportunities to ask me questions? More (or less) writing/blogging/publishing tips? More (or less) lengthy discussions about infections I get in my eye?  Tell me what you want to hear from me.  

2. What do you want to hear from others?  What suggestions do you have for our “Ask a...” series? (Should it continue or are you tired of it?) What sort of guest posts would you like to read? What groups do you feel have been underrepresented on the blog? Whose stories are you eager to hear? Who would you like to see interviewed? (Be specific!)  

3. How can I hear from you? My biggest concern about the growth of the blog is that we lose that sense of community, particularly in the comment section.  (I’m thinking of getting some help in monitoring comments. 200+ a day is just too much to for one person to handle.) How can I nurture conversation with readers? What makes you feel heard and valued? 

Feel free to answer one or all of the questions. And please take advantage of the “like” feature so I can see which responses are most popular. As always, I am so grateful for this community and all I have learned from you through the years. Have a great weekend!

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