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by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Todays’ “Follow Friday” features one of the wisest and humblest Christian leaders I’ve ever met—my friend and fellow Tennessean, Micky Jones. 

Micky is an activist and student at the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological studies through George Fox Evangelical Seminary. The director of training and program development at TransFORM Network, she is a master curator, as skilled as anyone I’ve ever met at making connections, elevating important voices, and navigating relationships in communities of political, theological, and ethnic diversity. 

But Micky’s official credentials don’t capture the woman of valor that shines through in her one-on-one interactions with others. It seems like every time I participate in a conference, synchroblog, or collaborative effort of some kind, Micky is there, making it all happen, with little fanfare around herself, but with a contagious enthusiasm for the people around her. In the midst of sometimes difficult conversations, she makes you feel like you matter, that your voice is important even when it wavers and even when you haven’t got it all figured out yet. She manages to be both brutally honest and unwaveringly kind. 

Micky’s special interests include womanist theology, the intersections of Black and Native American history and theology, practical theology, nonviolent direct action, and health issues. Just in writing this post, I learned that Micky also has a background as a doula, childbirth educator, and lactation consultant. How cool is that?! 

So if you’re looking for a fantastic curator to share the best of the best on Christianity and justice, be sure follow Micky on Twitter. You can also catch her on the Patheos “Emerging Voices” channel, at Homebrewed Christianity, and Sojourners

If  you want to join Micky in conversations around love for God, neighbors and justice, she will be hosting the Inhabit Conference on the West Coast April 17-18 in Seattle and the Transform Network Gathering  on the East Coast April 23-25 in Washington D.C. We  even have a coupon code for 20% off  the Transform Network Gathering : MICKYJO if you want to join in!

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