Influential Christian Women?

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

So earlier this week on twitter I asked, “Who are some female evangelical leaders you admire?”

I received so many responses that several of you asked for a complete list. Below are (most of) the names I received via tweets, but I’d certainly like to add more. 

I’d also like to get rid of the word “evangelical” since that seems to confuse a lot of people…(myself included). 

So my question for today is: Who are some influential Christian women you admire?

 Think contemporary. 

Let’s expand this list! 

Twitter Responses: 
Nancy Beech 
Nadia Bolz-Weber 
Christine Caine 
Dawn Carter 
Jenni Catron
Julie Clawson 
Pam Durso 
Elisabeth Elliot 
Kathy Escobar 
Margaret Feinberg 
Mimi Haddad 
Jen Hatmaker 
Bobbie Houston 
Carolyn Custis James 
Juliet Kilpin 
Anne Lamott 
Laura Lasky 
Anne Graham Lotz 
Elsie Anne McKee
Kathleen Norris 
Beth Moore 
Nancy Ortberg 
Christine Pohl 
Sarah Jackson Shelton 
Priscilla Shirer 
Angie Smith 
Elaine Storkey 
Barbara Brown Taylor 
Phyllis Tickle 
Pat Took 
Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen 
Ann Voskamp 
Lori Wilhite 
Brandi Wilson
Lauren Winner

(If I forgot your suggestion, I promise it wasn't on purpose! Feel free to add it again in the comment section.)

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