Your Lent Ideas....

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

So Lent arrives early this year, with Ash Wednesday less than a week away. Hard to believe, right? 

For the past three years, I've shared "40 Ideas for Lent" on the blog and have been surprised by how many people find the list helpful. (The 2012 edition was one of last year's most popular posts.) See: 

40 Ideas for Lent 2012
40 Ideas for Lent 2011
40 Ideas for Lent 2010

This year, I'm enlisting your help as I update and improve the recommendations. The categories are usually: questions to ask yourself; book recommendations; disciplines, fasts & rituals; mediations. But I'm open to changing those up. So take a gander at the past lists to get a sense of how it works, and let me know if you have any ideas. I'm especially interested in creative disciplines, fasts, & if your faith community does something cool, let us know. 

I'll pick my favorite ideas and include them in the 2013 list, with a link to the comment section so readers can look through all the ideas. 

Questions to get you started: What prayers do you find particularly meaningful during Lent? What have been some meaningful Lent experiences in your past? Does your church have any unique Lenten traditions? Does your family? Is there a book you plan to work through during Lent? Is there a fast you have tried in the past that was especially helpful?

Thanks for your help! Let's crowdsource this thing! :-) 

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