A simple chart that explains why I am less successful than Mike Hyatt

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Today Mike Hyatt—blogger, entrepreneur, and leadership guru—encouraged his readers to formulate an Ideal Week, a flexible schedule that prioritizes daily events to maximize effectiveness. 

As an example, he shared his own Ideal Week: seen here

Right away, I realized that this might explain why I am less successful than Mike Hyatt. 

First of all, my Ideal Week would not include anything about content creation or cardio workouts, but would instead read: WIN THE LOTTERY!!! PAY FOR ALL MY FRIENDS’ ADOPTIONS!!! EAT A ROLL OF REFRIGERATED COOKIE DOUGH!!!  BUILD ONE OF THOSE TREEHOUSES FROM PINTEREST IN THE BACKYARD!!!

Second of all, though Mike encourages flexibility, a quick glance at my Actual Week—made with the template he provides— reveals that I tend to be a bit too liberal with said flexibility: 

What about you? Do you ever achieve your Ideal Week? What does your Actual Week include that your Ideal Week doesn't.

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