Old & New: The Bible in Color

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free
Esther Confronts Xerxes    by Lindsey McCormack

Esther Confronts Xerxes

by Lindsey McCormack

Remember our friend Jim LePage, whose Word series captured some of the most beautiful, compelling, bizarre, troubling, violent, and redemptive stories from the Bible in stunning poster-style images?

Well Jim is at it again, only this time he has teamed up with Troy Deshano and a group of extraordinarily talented contemporary graphic artists to create the Old & New series.

Tongues of Fire    by Brian Danaher

Tongues of Fire

by Brian Danaher

Based on biblical stories and passages, the series aims to introduce a new audience to a new type of biblical art. The designs, which come from artists of a variety of faith perspectives, are posted on the Web site every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Best of all, proceeds from the purchase of prints benefit Blood: Water Mission’s efforts to provide clean water in Lwala, Kenya. 

Jephtha's Daughter      by Cassie McDaniel

Jephtha's Daughter 

by Cassie McDaniel

What I love about both the Word series the Old & New series is that these artists do a magnificent job of interacting with the biblical text in a way that is honest and raw. 

They don’t hold back. 

They don’t tidy things up for us. 

They don’t attempt to solve the mystery. 

These images get right to the heart of honoring the Bible for what it is, not what we want it to be, keeping in mind that the Bible is meant to be a conversation-starter, not a conversation-ender.

Nehemiah Confronts God    by Lydia Nichols

Nehemiah Confronts God

by Lydia Nichols
Lot's Wife Turns to Salt    by Troy DeShano

I’ve got a print from the Word series hanging in my office, and I love it. So consider jumping over to the Old & New site to check out some more images, and help provide clean water to those who need it. 

What’s your favorite of the Old & New series so far? What image do you find most striking? Most intriguing?

(Note: These images were used with permission.)

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