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by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Perhaps the most significant life lesson I’ve learned in my young adulthood is that knowing all the answers isn’t as important as asking good questions. So every now and then I like to use Fridays to 1) link to other bloggers and writers who have asked compelling questions during the week and 2) open the floor for you to share whatever questions you’ve been wrestling with lately.

Today I’d like to feature bloggers who have asked me some interesting, funny, and bizarre questions over the course of past week:

  • From Marshall Jones Jr.—Why do you think questions are more important than answers, especially with Bible verses that specifically tell us to be ready with an answer? (Read my response here.)
  • From Nicole Unice—What is the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing at night? (Read my response here.)
  • From Big Mama— Do you feel as though your questions led to a change in your politics or were your political leanings a precursor to your questioning? (Read my response here)
  • From Jason Boyett—Who are the three most significant monkeys and/or apes in popular culture? (Read my response here.)

Feel free to use the comment section to take a stab at some of these yourself!

In addition to interviews, several reviews of Evolving in Monkey Town have appeared on the blogosphere this week. What makes me most happy about these reviews is the wide variety of perspectives from which they come. Follow the links and you will hear from…

a scientist
a book blogger

a conservative Catholic mom

a “bleeding heart liberal”

a college professor (and one of my favorite bloggers!)

a skeptic

a well-known former pastor and church-planter

a “writer, editor, dreamer and book lover”

an advocate for women recovering from religious patriarchal abuse

a book lover and Twitter friend

an editor for Reasons to Believe
a women’s fiction writer


So, what questions are you asking this week—on your blog, at your dinner table, in your head, in your heart? (And who do you think are the three most significant monkeys and/or apes in popular culture?) Feel free to take the opportunity to pimp your blog and include some links!

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