Rally to Restore Unity Round-Up: Day 4

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

It was another exciting day in the Rally to Restore Unity.  So far our efforts have generated nearly 100 blog posts, 125 signs, and $1,252 for Charity:Water! 

I was especially pleased to see one of my favorite bloggers, Dr. Richard Beck, join the rally with a post in which he asks,“Can you hate the heresy but love the heretic?” A great conversation has developed in the comment section if you want to join in.

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Signs and Synchroblog Posts:

Mason Slater continues to act as nemesis with his March to Keep Disunity Alive. Join him at your own risk.

Laura Ziesel with “NYC, Humility, and Unity”

Matt Appling with “How to Break Christian Unity”

Alise Wright with “Big Differences, Bigger God”
“[Kit] can overlook that I'm an NPR-listening, Democrat-voting, gay-affirming liberal and I can get over her being a Beck-watching, GOP-voting, gun-toting conservative…Because the love we feel for Jesus is genuine. Unity isn't about being the same. Unity is about pushing through even big differences and finding that Jesus is way bigger.”

Sarah Askins with “I’m Not the Poster Child for the Church… and Neither Are You”

Kristen Sloan with “The Awkward Stages of Becoming One”

Elizabeth Esther with “Wait. What? Catholics Are…Christians?”
“God dragged me kicking and screaming to the Catholic Church. And when I got there I was all: Whoa. I’ve been really, really wrong about ‘Those Catholics.’”

Morgan Guyton with “Heresy from a Biblical Perspective” (a Facebook note)

Harry Colegrove with “Eat the Meat and Spit Out the Bones”

Jeff K. Clarke with “Evangelical Boundaries…”

Mike Plotnick with “Concocting Enemies”
“The more we surround ourselves by "clones," the more uncomfortable, threatened or frightened we are by anyone who isn’t one. Our holy huddle ends up serving as a bomb shelter whose primary function is to protect the occupants.”

Mike Wise with “Rally to Restore Unity: God in a Box”
“I know longer care if I have the right theology, the right corner on God, I don’t care if people see me as a sinner or saint, a theologian or a heretic. God has never ever changed, but my unique perspective has as I have gone through all of my life experiences…The more my eyes focus on Jesus the less angry I become when someone decides they want to go tit of tat with me over theological differences. They’re no different than me, they’re human beings who are trying to find some sort of certainly in a world full of mystery.”

Nance Hixon with “The Lord’s Prayer and Practical Christian Unity”

Bill Sahlman with “Restoring Unity”

Mike Bennett @ Ars Moriendi with “Forget World Peace: Visualize Using Your Turn Signal”
“Instead of focusing solely on all the great things we’re going to be able to do once we get where we’re going, let’s try to act right now to bring the unity of the Kingdom right here to where we are.”

Matt Coulter with “Paul and Barnabas: On Agreeing to Disagree”
“ As they turned and went their separate ways, you could almost see Paul whip out his phone and tweet, 'Farewell, @Barnabas'…"

Jason Dye with “Evangelical Family Affair”

Amber Wackford with “Disagreement vs. Disunity: Thoughts from a Youth Leader”

Joe Watkins with “Blame Me For Disunity”

Kristin Tennant with “Wait—who is Calvin? and other potty breaks along the road to unity.”
“This whole faith movement was built on the principle of embracing, incorporating and celebrating differences. And it wasn’t just a nice idea. It happened. It worked. Not the way things work just because we try really hard and put all of our effort into it, but in the more mysterious way things work when we are open to trusting something bigger—the one who daily, liberally pours out grace on us to extend to others.”

 Michael Dixon with “The Rising Tide?”

Ryan Harrison with “Are You My Friend?”

Isaac B. Villa with “Unity”

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