Rally to Restore Unity Round-Up: Day 2

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

We have some competition!

Inspired by Stephen T. Colbert’s March to Keep Fear Alive, Mason Slater has launched the March to Keep Disunity Alive while Jonathan Sigmon has initiated a Rally to Maintain Division.  That’s right, folks. Even their protest rallies are disunified. (Top photos are Mason’s. Bottom photos are Jonathan’s. I’ve made them black and white so that they look extra-sinister...even though they include some of my favorite signs of the week.) 

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Synchroblog Contributions / Signs:


Matthew Paul Turner with “What the heck is Christian unity?”
“I don’t know what unity looks like. And the thought of trying to restore it gives me a headache. But I do know this: Whenever I enter into discourse or debate or conversation, and I see the person as fundamentalist or Republican or homophobic or antagonist or (fill in the blank) rather than a human being with stories and ideas and passions, I almost always fail at being a promoter of unity.”

Susie M. Finkbeiner with “Sorry, I don't understand what you're saying...”

Jessica Harmon with "Get the Benadryl"
"…It’s like the Church has horrible allergies. We’re fighting something that is not a threat.”

Kim Gottschild for Burnside Writer’s Collective with “Don’t Get Your Pants in a Wad”

*Rachel Land Browder with “Restore Unity”

“The only thing I ever won in a sword drill was a mini-Snickers”

Chad Estes with “Give God Back His Apple”

Steve Douglas with “Mondays with MacDonald (Rally to Restore Unity Edition)”

Ed_Cyzewski  with “Unity Requires Faith and More than a Commitment on Paper”
“When I get together with my Reformed or Catholic friends and pray with them, I’m experiencing real unity that is far more powerful and meaningful than anything online or on paper. For people who serve an incarnate God, meaningful unity is also incarnate.”

Matt Appling with “Church Segregation is Deeper Than Skin Tone”

Katie with “As Long as There Is Love”

Emerging Mummy with “In Which We Use Our Words to Love Each Other [and the Other]"
“Maybe it's simple but maybe it starts that small. Maybe it starts with using our words - spoken, written, blogged, tweeted, facebooked, pamphlet-ed, sermon noted - to love each other, even The Other whether that is the theological  or political or parental or philosophical other.”

Tracey Solomon with "Here Comes The Bride- I wished She'd Died"

Elizabeth Hamilton with “The Mary Month of May”

Lindsay Goodwin with “Salty and Sweet and So Good”

Rea with “First is Last”

Jonathan Turtle with “Why Unity Requires Distinction”

Lauren Parker with “Christ Trumps Politics”

Becky Durham “Together”

Matt Coulter with “The Kingdom of God Is Not About Food or Drink”
“At its core, unity is not about everyone having to believe the same things. Unity is you believing something different than me, and both of us being okay with that.”

Jeff Clarke with “Creating a Put-Down Free Environment”

Travis Mamone with “Battle of Words”

Josh with “Unity in Love, Unity in Purpose – Possible…or a Pipe Dream?”

Jason Wert with “Contemplating Christian Unity”

Mike Bennett with “Reconciliation Blows”

Keith Brenton with “Uniformity – (i) – (from) = Unity"

Cortney Dale with “I Only Love Two Things in the World”


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