Rally to Restore Unity Round-Up: Day 3

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Earlier Today:

Chad Gibbs on “Calvinism, Celtic, and Us Vs. Them”

Total Raised for Charity Water:

$997! Donate now and put us over $1,000. Remember, those small donations go a long way when combined with those of your new rally friends.

Signs and Synchroblog Posts: 

James Brett with “Unity”
“There are two kinds of unity: unity of opinion and unity of purpose. We often destroy the latter in attempts to force the former.”

Chad Jones with “Do We Want This Marriage to Work?”

Fred Shope with “Resurrection and Unity”

Sarah Cunningham with “A Christian Response to Bin Laden’s Death”
“Bin Laden has been killed now. Please, in honor of the hard lessons learned by the victims and rescuers of Ground Zero, let the hate die with him. And in this moment, in your words–words that children will overhear, words that will impact people’s psyches, words that will contribute a little bit of good or a little bit of ill will to our planet–choose peace.”

Mick Bradley with “Unity is Hard”

Alias TheVault with “Christian Unity and the Elephant in the Room”

Micha Hohorst with “Mystery and the Rally to Restore Unity”
“Want my opinion? I think the reason God has allowed portions of scripture to be ‘unclear’ on divisive issues is that this whole Jesus following thing is not about finding answers to every question. It’s about a relationship with our Creator, a God who allows us to struggle because he cares more about our sanctification, our being made into our real selves. And that process is a long, troubling, beautiful wrestle with a God who slowly peels away the shadows.” 

Ben Emerson with “Genesis 31: 4 Ways to Restore Unity”

Becky Durham with “10 Ways to Cultivate Unity”

Jamie Arpin-Ricci with “Churches that Are Community”
“When we look to the future with all its challenges as a place of rich possibility, not primarily a set of problems to be solved, I believe we will begin to see a new unity formed in the Church where difference is not a threat, but a reflection of the diversity of membership that is essential to the whole Body of Christ.”

Natalie Burris with “No More Snark”

Jon Philpott with “Everything That Has Breath”

E4Unity has contributed several posts, including: “A Solemn Pledge to Maintain Christian Unity” and“Calling the Whole Church to Unity" 

Alan Knox with “I Know You’re a Heretic, But What Am I?!”

Amelia Rhodes with “So What Do You think?”

Milkmaid Mama with “This is About Brokenness and Unity”
“How do we heal the church? We play nice, we take turns, we share. We love each other with our words and use our indoor voices. We unify with a cause. We show Jesus's love to a hurting world. We rally together for clean water.”

 Michael Rhodes with “Lines in the Sand”

Sharon Autenrieth with “Thank God for Catholic Parents!” 

Aaron Darrisaw with “Pursuing Unity…Through Service and Sacrifice”

Tim McGeary with “Restore Unity”

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