Rally to Restore Unity Wrap-Up: Day 7

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

We had so many additional signs and post roll in last night and this morning, I decided to extend the Rally to Restore Unity one more day. Tomorrow look for some final reflections and (maybe, if I can figure out a good way to do it) a slide show/contest featuring your funny, creative, and thoughtful signs. 

Total Raised for Charity:Water:

BIG NEWS! We met our (slightly modified) goal of $2500! 

What does this mean?  

It means that 125 people—about as many as participated in the rally—will now have access to a clean water project through Charity:Water. I really can’t thank you enough for your participation and help. To learn more about how your money will affect those in need, check out Charity:Water’s Project page.

You will also notice that our fundraising page will remain active through July 25. Please consider donating during that time so that we can help even more families. I’ll be posting reminders every now and then over the next few months, particularly around my (*gulp*) 30th birthday on June 8. (Wouldn’t it be cool if we could complete an ENTIRE water project--$5,000— by then?)

Remember, just $5 or $10 goes a long way when combined with the efforts of others. 

Signs and Synchroblog Posts: 

Mason Slater with “One Last Sign: The Final Post of the March to Keep Disunity Alive”

Sonny Lemmons with “Unity: It’s Not a Four-Letter Word”

Brian Brandsmeier with “Finding Unity in Diversity with the Apostle Paul and Jon Stewart”

Rachel Austring with “Reformed Thinking”
“…Maybe I need to remember that there’s a place for both knowledgeable and actionable types of people in the church.  I like the analogy that we are a body. Maybe me and my information, knowledge and analyzing sorts of ways are the brain, while someone else is the heart and the guts. It’s kind of a beautiful thing when you think about it.”

James Pedlar with “Unity Requires Conversion”

Frank Friedl with “Do you agree with Rachel?” (No relation)

Charlie’s Church of Christ with “Screw Christian Unity, or Our Crazy Big Beautiful World"

Chase Livingston with “Us vs. Them: Variations on a Theme”

JM Guerra with “The Gift of Being Single”

Jessica with “Hill Tribers and Health Care”

The Cult Next Door with “Forgive Me My Nonsense”

Working to Be Worthy with “How to Change the World, One Campus at a Time”

Jenade with “Restoring Unity”

Roby Rynders with “We don’t talk about politics in the Church…except when we do” 


If I forgot your post or you missed the deadline, just leave a link in the comment section. We can still read them! :-)

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