Another kind of "real marriage"

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free
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I loved this post from Sarah at Emerging Mummy so much, I simply had to share an excerpt: 

"So this is what we do, we make each other better at being ourselves, better at being like Jesus, we slow-dance, my head on your heart, your breath in my hair, your hands on my wider-than-they-used-to-be hips, our feet slower perhaps because we're moving together.

Sometimes the questions people ask or judgments they imply can make us chuckle, don't they, my darling? 

Well, who is in charge here?

We are.

Yes, but if push comes to shove, who is the leader? 

We are.

But then who is the spiritual head of your home?

Only Jesus.

It's a slow-dance still, isn't it, my luv? You lead and I lead, we are both following His music, no hierarchy here. We move together, one body, all for intimacy and beauty, the dance of lovers that know every curve and lean into the unknown parts with full trust in the hands they hold.  [Read the entire  post here.]"

It made me wonder if perhaps we egalitarians need to be a little more open about what our relationships actually look like.  Sometimes we spend so much time talking about what they aren’t—hierarchal, patriarchal—that we forget to celebrate what they are. I’m so blessed to be in this kind of relationship myself, and so thankful to Sarah for describing true partnership so beautifully. 

What do you think?

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