Rob Bell Joins the Rally to Restore Unity!

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

...not the one who wrote Love Wins, but the one who caught a lot of misplaced hate on Twitter when folks mixed him up with @realrobbell. (Look before you @, people!) You can read my interview with Rob here.

In addition to support from the “unreal” Rob Bell, we have guest posts, contributions, and support coming from the "real" Phyllis Tickle, Scot McKnight, Greg Boyd, Frank Viola, Derek Webb, John Armstrong, Mary DeMuth, Jamie Wright, Chad Gibbs, Matthew Paul Turner, Susan Isaacs, Kent Annan, Jamie Arpin Ricci, bloggers from across the world, and YOU! 

We’ve already raised almost $500 for Charity:Water and the signs you’ve posted to the Facebook pagehave had me in stitches. (I’ll be posting my favorite signs here on the blog throughout the week, along with your synchroblog posts.) 

It all starts tomorrow. To find out how to join in, check out the Rally to Restore Unity Page.

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