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by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Well, we’ve entered that season of the writing/publishing cycle when it’s time to do some publicity. Most authors struggle with this stage of the process, and I’m no different. Urging readers to pick up your book feels a lot like sending out a résumé or auditioning for a play or selling grapefruit door to door for your high school marching band trip to London (which is way harder than it sounds, by the way). 

But this time around I feel buoyed by the fact that I’m working with a great group of people at Thomas Nelson and I’ve never believed in a creative project more than I believe in Searching for Sunday. I’m proud of this book. I put my very best into it.  And I hope it will be as healing to those who read it as it was for me as I was writing it. 

A good way to get quotes, reviews, images and articles to those who actually want to see them without inundating my social media channels is to form a launch team. We did this with A Year of Biblical Womanhood and it was a huge success. So we’re opening it up again for Searching for Sunday.

As a member of the launch team, you will get: 

•    a complimentary advance reader's copy of Searching for Sunday 
•    access to an exclusive Facebook group for discussion, collaboration, access to the author and publicity ideas and resources 
•    behind-the scenes-participation in a national book launch
•    my eternal gratitude 

You'll be expected to:

•    read the book
•    participate in the launch team Facebook group 
•    write an honest review of the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble during launch week (April 13-19)
•    spread the word via social networking, word of mouth, or those airplanes that pull banner ads through the sky over the beach 

If more than 300 people apply, the team at Thomas Nelson will make a selection based on their own criteria. Spots are open for the next 24-hours! 

Apply Here 

Thanks ahead of time for your interest and support! I’m grateful for it every day. 

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