A Sneak Peek at Evolving in Monkey Town!

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

This cool feature lets you browse through Evolving in Monkey Town and read the table of contents, dedication, preface, acknowledgements, back cover, and selections from chapters 1-10. I’m really happy to see this much content available online, so feel free to pass it along to friends whose interest might be piqued by what they read.

Quite a few of you have asked me when you can expect to see Evolving in Monkey Town in stores or when you will receive your pre-ordered copy in the mail. While the official release date is July 1, the book will trickle out through different retailers throughout the month of June, so if you want to get your copy sooner rather than later, consider pre-ordering today. 

Here are some places you can find it. (Note the various "release" dates):


Barnes & Noble 






For additional retailers, visit the HarperCollins page, here.

For info about the audio book and electronic versions of the book, visit the Zondervan page, here.

Where do you usually get your books—Amazon, your local bookstore, the library, or from friends? Does anything from the first few pages of Evolving in Monkey Town pique your interest?

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