Sunday Superlatives 6/5/11

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Best Video:
Playing With An Otter

Best Question:
Andrew Perriman with “Was the gospel told first to the serpent?”
"Is the messianic interpretation justified by later revelation? Do we have good grounds not simply for finding a sensus plenior—an extra level of meaning—in the Genesis text but for distorting or disregarding what is actually said? If Jesus or some New Testament writer had unequivocally attributed messianic significance to this verse, it would be different matter. Otherwise, what reason do we have for supposing that God, as 'author of the whole drama,' meant the statement to be understood, in the light of subsequent developments, as a reference to humanity’s future redemption?"

Best Series:
Adam McHugh (and guests) with “Introverted Parenting”

Best Response: 
Gina Dalfonzo with “Guarding Your Marriage Without Dissing Women”
“…Instead of viewing the women in their world as potential problems to be avoided as much as possible, and viewing themselves as explosives wired to go off if the heat gets too high, Christian men might want to try something different. They might practice viewing everyone concerned as human beings who are made in God’s image, and are therefore to be treated with respect, courtesy, and an approach that’s neither too familiar nor too distant.” 

Most Creative: 
Ben Emerson with “Genesis 49: Famous Last Tweets” and “Celebrating Genesis: Building Altars”
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Most Relatable:
Kristin Tennant with “The Dangers of Overprotecting Your Heart”
“The decade I’ve lived in this town has been full of challenges and change. Between these two friends and I, we’ve had babies, watched toddlers grow into children ready to start school, bought and sold houses, gone through a divorce and two weddings, gotten new jobs and shared many holidays and celebrations. We’ve seen one another through a lot, which is a beautiful thing. That’s why I’m going to fight the rational part of my brain that wants to shut down my heart. A heart protected and hidden is not much of a heart at all.”

 Most Eye-Opening:
National Geographic with “Child Brides”

Most Relevant to Recent Conversations: 
A three-way tie! 

-The Screaming Kettle with “What We Owe Our Kids When We Talk About the Bible”  (nominated by Alise Wright

-Lisa McKay with “A Baby-Shaped Hole In My Heart”
“I am not one of these women who has wanted to be a mother from the time that she was twelve years old. At times during this last decade I have said that I wanted children, but this was mostly an intellectual and theoretical desire not an emotional longing. Even now, ten weeks from giving birth, I am ambivalent about being pregnant…”

-Jonathan Fitzgerald with “Viewing Women through the Lens of Their Availability”

Most Likely to Spark an Important Conversation: 
Richard Ostling at Christianity Today with “In Search of the Historical Adam”


Most Likely to Bring You Back (nominated by Emerging Mummy): 
Megan Tietz with “Gatsby in the Springtime” 
“And what is perhaps the most endearing quality of The Great Gatsby is that while the narrative itself is wholly American, it is at the same time unquestionably universal.  Each of us, on some level, knows that despite our best efforts to elude our beginnings, there are aspects of the past from which we cannot escape.  We don't get to choose how our stories begin, and though we row tirelessly forward in an effort to determine the course of our life's story, still there is that past, always tethering us to our first breath.”

 Most Likely to Make You a Better Writer (nominated by Milkmaid Mama):
Jeff Goins with “Why You Must Become an Expert At Telling Your Story”

Most Likely To Stay in Your Head
Jo Hilder with Jesus is For Losers

Naked Pastor with “Skeptical Sparrow”

Bravest: (Because he posted it at Fox News)
Ian Morgan Cron with “Five Words That Could Save the Church”
“Five words could prevent the public brawls between Christians who differ in their opinions on social and theological issues.“…but I might be wrong.”

Sweetest Blast from the Past: (nominated by Dale Best
Out of Ur with “Billy Graham & Woody Allen”

So what caught your eye online this week? What have you been writing about on your blog?

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