Sunday Superlatives – 4/3/11

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Around the Blogosphere…

Funniest Photos:
Sketchy Bunnies

Best April Fools Post: 
Donald Miller with “My Review of Love Wins”

Best Lent Idea: 
Ann Voskamp with “A Repentance Box”

Best Book Review:
Tim Challies reviews “Heaven is For Real”
(I'd be interested to hear your responses to this book. Are you skeptical? Inpsired? Concerned?)

Best Headline:
Karen Spears Zacharias with “Confessions of a Beth Moore Convert”

The Future of Evangelicalism…

We’ve received quite a few responses to our conversation surrounding last week’s post, “The Future of Evangelicalism: A Twenty-Something’s Perspective.” Some of the best include: 


Last week I was privileged to spend some time in Pennsylvania’s Amish country talking with Old Order Amish and Mennonite women as part of my biblical womanhood project.  My unofficial tour guide was friend-of-the-blog Janet Oberholtzer, who grew up conservative Mennonite and who has an AMAZING life story you can read about on her blog.  (I’ll share more about my visit in the weeks to come.) While there, Dan and I enjoyed a wonderful meal at the home of Shawn Smucker and his wife Maile along with the Oberholtzers and Bryan Allain and his wife Erica. Isn’t it nice when you’re online friends turn out to be delightful (and not crazy) in person?

On the Blog…

It was another record-breaking month on the blog, with nearly 350,000 pageviews! This  month’s most popular posts were: 

1. The Future of Evangelicalism: A Twenty-Something’s Perspective

2. An Interview with Rob Bell

3. 40 Ideas for Lent

4. The Truth Can Set You Free…And Get You Fired

5. Natori

Most Popular Post (of the week): 
“After You Read Love Wins”

Most Popular Comment (of the week):
In response to  “After You Read Love Wins,” Stephen Barkley wrote:“I've had a while to digest the book (as well as the zealotry that preceded it). I'm starting to think that the vehemence of the response is directly related to the responder's understanding of salvation. Here's what I mean. If "faith" means thinking the right thoughts about God, then this book could seriously change the destiny of your immortal soul. If, on the other hand, "faith" means a deep-set trust that plays out in our actions, then this book is simply more motivation to reach out with Jesus' message…If proper theology is directly related to your eternal destiny you have a righteous fight on your hands. I'm convinced that how we act in response to God's grace is more important than how we think about it.”


Feel free to take the opportunity to share what's been going on over at your blog. Favorite post? Most popular post? We want to join the conversation!

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