Sunday Superlatives 1/30/11

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Funniest photo: 
Cake Wrecks with “The question mark is in case you’re just getting fat” 

Best Conversation-Starter:
Jay Bakker with “Finding Jesus, in Drag”
Asks Bakker, “What are the boundaries you put on grace? Are there places you won't go or people you won't socialize with for fear of judgment?”

 Most Unhelpful: 
Anthony Bradley with “Evangelicalism’s Bitter 20-Somethings” 
Dear Mr. Bradley, calling us lazy and spoiled because we don’t toe the party line is not the best way to win us back.

Best Series: 
The Kitchn with Casserole Week 
Mmmm, casseroles

Most Intriguing Book Release:
Ann Voskamp with One Thousand Gifts
All 189 reviews on Amazon are for five stars. Wow!

Most likely to Say it Perfectly:
Emerging Mummy with “In Which I am a Biblical Woman”   
“I am a biblical woman. Not because my life resembles the latter half of Proverbs 31 with such stunning accuracy.  Or because my husband is the ‘head of our home.’   Nor is it because I manage our household and the raising of our children. Nor is it because I work with my hands or homeschool or fulfill a long list of chores and ideals born of a sitcom society that never truly existed. I am a biblical woman because I live and move and have my being in the daily reality of being a follower of Jesus, living in the reality of being loved.”

Favorite Tweet:
@phonescooper with “Jersey Shore will have more seasons than Arrested Development. Hope you're proud of yourselves, humanity.”

Favorite Facebook Status:
Michael with “So is the new phrase going to be, ‘killing two pigs with one angry bird?’”

Most helpful if you happen to be following all of the Bible’s instructions for women as literally as possible for a year: 
Anne Peterson with “Know Your Veils: A Guide to Middle Eastern Head Coverings”

Here on the blog…

Most popular post (104 comments, 123 Facebook shares, and 14 tweets): 
“Why Moms Sorta Scare Me”

Most popular comment (5 “likes”):
Emerging Mummy with “…As far as how I deal with the judgments? It's this: You grow up. You learn that no one is going to like everything you do and you put on your big girl panties, you lean heavily on God, you talk, you screw up, you figure out what works, you research and you pray and pray and pray. You get brave and fearless and then you feel afraid and guilty…” 

Most embarrassing typo
Misspelling Amy Chua’s name TWICE in the first two paragraphs of Wednesday’s post. 


Got any superlatives to hand out? (Think books, blogs, TV, movies, news stories, social networking, etc.)

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