Sexy Girls, Millennials, Angels, and Evangelicals: Sunday Superlatives 6/12/11

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Best Experiment: 
Current TV with “Sexy Girls Have It Easy”

Best Profile: 
Ben Raines with “Alice Lee, sister of author Harper Lee, like ‘Atticus Finch in a skirt’”

Best Storytelling: 
Matthew Paul Turner with “The Truth Will Make You Freeish” (Part 1Part 2
“Even though I’ve pretty much been a Christian since I exited the birth canal, I’m still not comfortable selling my “Christianity” to strangers. I’m happily willing to discuss my faith with somebody who wants to engage in a conversation about it. But I’ve rarely hocked my truth like a street vendor hocks knock-off Gucci pocketbooks. While a lot of Christians I know would have secretly cheered Shawn and Katie’s quest to win Timothy’s heart for Jesus, I sat there asking God to help the poor guy find a way out of the conversation, if not for his own good, for the sake of the table of two who’d been waiting fifteen minutes for their drink order.”

Best Response to Stupid Legislation: 
Megan Tietz with “On Closing Car Doors and Closing Hearts”

Funniest Captions:
Catalog Living with “Making Do” and “Flipping Its Lid”

Biggest Interview: 
Homebrewed Christianity interviews Rob Bell

Kathy Escobar with “While the World is Crying Out For Hope, We’re Talking About Theology”
“It’s far easier to talk about the meaning of a bible verse than it is to share hearts and slog through the muck and mire of real transformation in people’s lives."

Alter Video with “The Whole Sweep of Scripture: NT Wright on How to Read the Bible”

Most Likely to Say What We Already Know: 
CNN Belief Blog with “Millennials and the Culture Wars”

Most Likely to Strike a Nerve: 
Kurt Willems with “You Might Be an Evangelical Reject If…”

Most Likely to Make You Think: 
Mason Slater with “Angels are a Cop-out”
“Maybe we can’t imagine driving an hour out of our way, or scraping up our car, all for a stranger. Since we can’t imagine doing it ourselves, we don’t want to admit there are people far kinder and more generous than us, and we attribute it to angels.”

 On the blog…

Most Popular Post:
The Trouble with Litmus Tests

Most Popular Comment:
In response to “When Grace is Just a Doctrine” Graham Smith wrote:
“Have you ever read Franny & Zooey?  It's my favorite Salinger book, the one I return to the most frequently…This post on grace reminded me of the climax of that book, the epiphany at the end when Zooey, exasperatedly and lovingly and full of all spiritual wisdom points out to Franny that Seymour's Fat Lady is Jesus Christ.  And all the other idiots and hypocrites and insufferable clods she meets in her life, they're all Jesus Christ.  The chicken noodle soup Franny's mom brings her is sacred soup.  When I read your post it clicked in my head, grace is being able to see Christ in all these people and grace is treating them accordingly; it's being able to see the sacred when we eat, drink, walk down the street, whenever, in whatsoever things we do.  'There isn't anyone out there who isn't Seymour's Fat Lady...And don't you know--listen to me, now--don't you know who that Fat Lady really is?...Ah, buddy.  Ah buddy.  It's Christ Himself.  Christ Himself, buddy.' It still gives me chills when I read that passage.  Thanks for the reminder.

Best Birthday Present EVER: 
On Wednesday, we reached our goal of raising enough money on to fund an entire water project for Charity:Water!  Thanks to those who donated as part of the Rally to Restore Unity and to those who bought me a “drink” for my birthday. Whether it was $5 or $500, your contribution meant so much to me, and more importantly, it will save lives.  What a joy and honor it is to be part of a generous and compassionate online community! I’ll keep you posted on how the money will be used. 


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