Sunday Superlatives: 6/26/2011

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free
Used with permission  from Dave Huth

Used with permission from Dave Huth

Around the Blogoshpere…

Coolest Photography:
Dave Huth’s Amphibian-inspired Photostream

Most Likely to Rock Your World In Less Than 800 Words: 
Richard Beck with “’Jesus Stopped’: On Interruptability” 
“Interruptibility is a sign that we are moving at the speed of love. You see this a lot in Jesus' life and ministry. People frequently call from the margins and Jesus allows himself to be interrupted, to allow the "least of these" to interrupt what he is doing. And by doing so Jesus makes room for others.” 

Most Spot-On: 
Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary with “Human, Like Jesus
“Maybe we need to be praying less for some kind of divine intervention and more for the simple compassion to stop injuring, using, abusing, or neglecting the people that cross our paths in a given day.”

Most Talked About:
The New York Times with “Living the Good Lie

Best Video: 
NT Wright on Hell

Best Review: 
Gina Dalfonzo with “Quivering with Fear: A Review of ‘Quivering Daughters’
(IMonk had a great follow-up piece as well. I’m so happy that Hillary is getting this exposure. She has brought an ugly truth to light with more grace and forgiveness than I understand. The “biblical patriarchy” movement is real, it’s hurtful, and it’s something that Christians must confront.)

Best Argument: 
Daniel Kirk with “Gay Marriage in New York
“As long as the state is in the marriage business, Christians should support gay marriage as an embodiment of our calling to love our neighbor as ourselves.”

Most Provocative (nominated by Bethany Keeley-Jonker): 
Caryn Rivadeneira at Think Christian with “What Christians Can Respect About Slutwalks

Most Mouth-Watering: 
Chef in Training with “Overnight Blueberry French Toast

Most Un-Cool (...and not in a good way):
Karen Swallow Prior at Her.Meneutics with “An Open Letter to Donald Miller
(Unsolicited marriage advice from a complete strange in the form of “open letter” = not cool. The only “open letter” we should be writing to Donald Miller and his poor fiancé Paige, who took the brunt of this unnecessary and personal critique, is a short one: CONGRATULATIONS! )

Most Ecumenical: 
Carston T. Clark with "One Anglican's Ode to Anabaptists..."
(I too love the Anabaptists and feel I have the most to learn from them these days.)  

Best Response: 
Caleb Wilde with “Am I A Member of Westboro?
“As tempting as it is to use Dunn’s tragedy as an object lesson for the living, the lesson we should learn here is that even the celebrities that Dunn’s death affected need the space and permission to be human … they need the public to turn their back.  They deserve the space to grieve … As humans, they need the grace to grieve the loss of the person Ryan Dunn, their friend, that I too easily turned into an object for a life lesson.”

Most Challenging:
Donald Miller with “Be Quietly Incredible

Funniest Photo:
Catalog Living with “Your Move

On the Blog…

Most Popular Post:
Rob Bell, The SBC, and The Age of Accountability

Most Popular Comment (with 30 “likes”):
Tiffany Bridge, in response to “Rob Bell, The SBC, and The Age of Accountability” wrote: 
“I so agree. And I would only add that I am mystified as to why it's supposedly such a bad thing for a Christian to have a "bleeding heart." We follow Jesus Christ, whose heart was so overflowing with compassion that he bled from his head, hands, feet, and side, and *still* forgave those who wounded him. It seems to me that a "bleeding heart" is something Christians should aspire to.”


So what caught your eye online this week?  What’s happening at your blog?

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