Sunday Superlatives: 7/10/11

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Dan, Quentin, and friends are releasing new episodes of “Learning with Lawrence” every Monday for the next two months. They shot quite a bit of Season 2 in our basement. Since breaking my coffee habit, I can especially relate to the caffeine episode above. 

Around the Blogosphere…

Most Relatable: 
Bryan Allain with “The Five People You Meet in a Bookstore
“The Squatter – This guy uses the bookstore’s cafe as his own personal office. He’s taken over a minimum of 3 separate tables with piles of paper, a computer bag, and his own Keurig machine.The bookstore cafe only has 2 wall outlets and this guy is using both of them...”

Most Profound (nominated by Alise):
Michael Gungor with “Love and Justice
“…I believe that God is ONLY loving. Loving” doesn’t mean weak or passive.  Love is strong.  Love builds what he needs to build and destroys what he needs to destroy for the sake of his beloved.  Love is passion.  Love is justice.  Love is wrath.  Love is kindness.  God IS love.” 

Most Relevant to Recent Conversations:
The Christian Versus Atheist Turning Test

Best Fourth of July Post:
Roger Olson with “Some July 4 Thoughts on Nationalism and Patriotism
“Christians ought carefully to avoid nationalism while embracing true patriotism…”

Best Question: 
What Does Your Church Look Like?

Best Punch Line: 
Emerging Mummy with “In Which I am Packing Up The Cinderella DVD…

Ray Hollenbach with “Bring the Script to Life
“Would it be too heretical to suggest that the words of the Bible on the printed page are not really the word of God until we act upon them? Music on the printed page isn’t really music until the musician brings it to life. When an actor speaks the words of the script a thousand meanings jump to life. The word of God is meant to be living and active. Perhaps that’s why Jesus is called “the Word of God.”

Dianna Anderson (guest posting at Jesus Needs New PR) with “Dear Mr. Driscoll
UPDATE: This post by Tyler Clark really gets to the heart of the problem. 
"When you put out a call on Facebook for people verbally attack 'effeminate anatomically male' men, I find myself back in high school—shoved against a locker, with the bullies calling me a faggot."

[Mark Driscoll is a bully, and it's time for us to stand up to him. I'll have more to say about all of this on Monday]

On the Blog…

Most Popular Post:
Ask an Atheist …(Hemant Responds)"


What caught your eye online this week? What’s going on at your blog? 

And who else would you like to hear from as part of our summer interview series?

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