Sunday Superlatives 7/22/2012 (Good News Edition)

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

It’s been a rough week. So today’s Sunday Superlatives are meant to be inspiring, encouraging, and funny—not because there is no place for lament in our lives, but because amidst all the brokenness we encounter in this world, there is still so much beauty, so much to celebrate and laugh about. Enjoy!

Best Idea (nominated by Steve Knight):
The Australian entrepreneurs behind Who Gives A Crap successfully raised $50,000 to order their first bulk shipment of toilet paper, mainly because co-founder Simon Griffiths refused to leave his toilet until they did. Who Gives A Crap will produce eco-friendly toilet paper and give 50 percent of their profits to WaterAid for sanitation projects around the world. They are, as they say, “changing the world from the bottom up.” Pretty fun idea.

Best Photo Series:
CNN with “Photos: Competing in the Hipster Olympics

Best Imagery:
Beth Woolsey with “Where else would you build your nest?

“Of course, Mama Robin. Of course you’re here in the middle of the jungle. In the middle of the unmanicured mess. In the middle of the chaos and the crazy and the uncertainty and the illusion of safety. Where else would you build your nest?"

Best Series: 
She Loves – Love Letter to My Body Series 

Best Tip:
Lifehacker with “Search for misspelled items on ebay to score great deals

Best Spoof: 
Mark Baker-Wright with “Paul Me, Baby

“Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here's my future,
So Paul me, baby!
It's hard to see right,
Vision's hazy,
But here's my future,
So Paul me, baby!”

Most Likely to Get Retweeted:

“Magic Mountain fun today!! Kanye laughing & me crying! The whole of existence frightens me.”
“I love this latex skirt! But, God be praised, it is not so ordered, that this should be the highest thing of all.” 
“To strive to be what one already is, is the most difficult of all tasks. But everyone always thinks I've had my nose done.” 

Most Likely to Get Pinned:
The Pioneer Woman with “Veggie & Cheese Bagel

Most Likely to Get Stuck in Your Head (nominated by Curtis Lillie):
The Indiana Jones Theme (Vocal Cover)

Most Challenging:
Richard Beck with “Little Pacifism” 

“Me? I don't think a lot about heroic pacifism. I probably should, but I spend most of my time thinking about violence in my personal relations, how I treat people--my family, people at work, people at church, people in the line at the store, commenters on this blog. My practice of nonviolence isn't heroic in scale. I practice a little pacifism, a small pacifism. I try not to be a jerk.”

Most Beautiful: 
Chaplain Mike with “My Beloved, My Friend

“There is no hierarchy between two people who call each other ‘beloved and friend.’”

Most Impressive: 
The BBC with “Olympic torch triumph for 101-year-old

Most Creative:
 Brain Pickings with “The Burning House: What People Would Take if the House Was on Fire

So, what caught your eye online this week? What’s happening on your blog?

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