Thank You, Brothers! (Leave your links here)

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

So my call for guys to write blog posts that honor women and celebrate the feminine images of God in Scripture has been absolutely  overwhelming. 

Some favorites so far: 

Landon Whitsitt with “Mama’s Boy: Reflections on a Masculine Christianity

JR Daniel Kirk with “Imaging the Biblical God

Paul Anthony with “The Radical Femininity of Christ

Frank Viola with “God’s View of a Woman

...And that’s just a small preview! 

In fact, there were so many links to posts pouring in yesterday that many got lost in the shuffle of the 200+ comments after yesterday’s post.  So I’m designating the comment section below for LINKS ONLY.That will make it easier for me to sort through them, and pick out a few to highlight on Tuesday. 

So, if you posted your link yesterday, you might want to post it here again so we can find it. (I’ll delete any comments that don’t include links to posts.)

Thank you!

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