The Thing With Feathers

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

So the people on TV say that America is suffering from a “climate of anger.” Kanye West is yelling about Taylor Swift.  Serena Williams is yelling about tennis.  Glen Beck is yelling at the camera. Folks at town halls are yelling at their representatives. Joe Wilson is yelling at the president.

Even here on the Monkey Town blog, we’ve had two posts this week that touch on anger. On Monday we discussed my tendency to yell about Calvinism; on Wednesday we discussed our collective tendency to yell at the television.  And today I considered writing a post about racism in the South…which undoubtedly would have prompted some yelling at the computer screen.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of yelling. The next thing I intend to yell about is football, when the Tide rolls over UNT tomorrow.

So, in an effort to inspire a bit of “climate change,” at least in this little corner of the blogosphere, I thought I’d start a conversation about hope.

What are three things that give you hope?

Be creative. Use song lyrics or poetry, one-word responses or long responses, your own memories or stories from history, Scripture or famous quotes, links to YouTube, to your photos, to your blogs, to art, or to news stories. You can be funny or irreverent or cheesy or artsy. Just enjoy!

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