Next stops: Chattanooga and NYC!

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

I’ve updated my speaking schedule for the winter and spring. Just like last fall, I’ve purposefully scaled back so I can be more present and engaged at the events in which I participate, though we may add a few more dates around the release of Searching for Sunday in April.

This Sunday, (January 11), I’ll be speaking just down the road in Chattanooga, Tennessee at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church during their Sunday School hour—9:15 a.m. For St. Pauls’ “kickoff Sunday,” I’ll be sharing pictures and stories from my year of biblical womanhood, inviting participants to think about the Bible as a conversation-starter, not a conversation-ender. You can learn more about the event here. 

Later, January 22-24, I’ll be headed to New York City and Trinity Wall Street to participate in a panel discussion around economic inequality at the Trinity Institute’s Creating Common Good event.  Speakers include Cornel West, Justin Welby, Barbara Ehrenreich, Nicole Baker Fulgham, and a bunch of other people who make me feel like I have no business speaking at this thing. 

A cool aspect to this event is that a production crew from Trinity visited several of the speakers’ hometowns to highlight how economic inequality has affected people around the world. I was thrilled to introduce the crew to my friend Karla who works at a food pantry here in Dayton (Tennessee), and eager to talk about the unique challenges faced by people struggling with poverty in rural America. You can watch that video here, and the others here.  Also, if you want to learn more about economic inequality ahead of the event (or won’t be able to attend the event), Cornel West—prominent intellectual, author, and cultural critic—will teach an online course on the subject in conjunction with ChurchNext, which is open to all from January 11-21. You can register here. (I already have!) 

Check out the rest of my schedule for winter/spring 2015, which will bring me to Austin, Little Rock, Lancaster, and a bunch of places in between, and let me know if I’ll be seeing you!

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