A couple of fun updates to my calendar

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Hello from Birmingham! Today I’m happy to add a couple of very cool events to my speaking calendar:  

The first is the Q Focus: Woman and Calling event in New York City, scheduled for November 15, 2013.  I’ll be discussing vocation and calling alongside some other amazing women, including Kathy Khang (who we just interviewed on the blog!), Lauren Winner, Shauna Niequist, Nicole Baker Fulgham, and more.

The second is the Gay Christian Network Conference in Chicago, scheduled for January 9-12, 2014. I’m thrilled to be joining many of my friends at GCN, including Justin Lee (who we also interviewed on the blog!) Dr. Christine Wiley, Rob and Linda Robertson, and Rev. Audrey Conner.

You can check out the rest of my fall speaking schedule here. I’ll share the spring schedule a bit later. If you’re interested in booking, contact Jim Chaffee.  

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