Tooting Our Own Vuvuzelas

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

(Photo by Carol Browne)

I know. I know. All the shameless self promotion of launch week can be a bit…vuvuzelaish.

But if you’re interested in the latest interviews and reviews for Evolving in Monkey Town, here’s what appeared online this week. (Mom and Dad, you can read them all here.)

Review: Karl Giberson – The Huffington Post
Review & Excerpt: Karen Spears Zacharias
Interview and Review: Michelle DeRusha – Graceful 
Review: Mike Leaptrott – Progression of Faith
Summer Book Selection: Ann Byle - Grand Rapids Press
Review: Jim Kane – Small Town Pastor
Review: Marshall Jones Jr. 
Review and Interview : Esther – A Traveler’s Story 
Review: Andrea Shultz 
Review: Devin Rose – St. Joseph’s Vanguard and Our Lady’s Train
Review: Chad Holtz – Dancing on Saturday 
Review: Amy Kiane 
Review: Dan Stringer- The Common Loon 
Review: Chad Estes – Captain’s Blog
Review: Tim McGeary – To the Tune of Tim 
Review: Ted Gossard – Jesus Community 

And don't forget - You can still enter to win a BOX OF BOOKS from Zondervan by leaving a comment after Thursday's post marking the big launch.


Now it's your turn! Feel free to toot your own vuvuzela by linking to your favorite post of the week (or month) from YOUR blog!

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