A Year of Biblical Womanhood FREE Discussion Guide – Got Ideas?

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

So I’ve finally decided to create a FREE discussion guide for A Year of Biblical Womanhood and could use your help in making it more collaborative. 

In addition to the usual discussion questions and list of additional resources, I thought it would be fun to include suggestions and stories from readers who have been inspired by the book. For example, I know one book club made Ahava’s challah bread for each of their sessions; another group worked together to recreate some of my crazier experiments from each chapter; another group made a pact to try and make their spending habits more just.  I’ve heard from churches that have incorporated the “texts of terror” ceremony into their worship services. And of course, many of you have been inspired by the “woman of valor” blessing and have fun stories to tell about that.

mmmm...challah + book club = awesome (submitted by Brooke M. Jackson via Facebook)

mmmm...challah + book club = awesome (submitted by Brooke M. Jackson via Facebook)

If you’re interested in sharing your ideas, responses, or suggestions for discussion, please shoot an email to Katie Strandlund at Katie@rachelheldevans.com. Katie will be helping me with this project.   Or you can just leave a comment here. 

We will credit you with the idea, of course, and if you include your mailing address in your email, we can send you a signed bookplate to stick in your copy of the book (should we use your suggestion in the book study). 

I’ll let everyone know when the discussion guide is finished and on the Web site to download for FREE, which should be in the next 2-3 weeks. 

(Someone must have told me at some point to always write the word FREE in all-caps because that just keeps happening.) 

So, what parts of A Year of Biblical Womanhood created the most discussion in your group? How have you (or your church or your book club) creatively engaged the content? Got any ideas for the discussion guide? 

Thank you! 


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