Evolving in Monkey Town
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"With Evolving in Monkey Town, Rachel Held Evans steps onto the stage as a gifted writer, an honest storyteller, and a compelling voice in the Christian community. She represents what is most hopeful and promising in a new generation of articulate, intelligent, and faithful young leaders." - Brian McLaren (read more endorsements)

August 2010

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“I love to read stories that ask questions, that live in the tension, that allow me to bring my doubt and uncertainty and join the conversation...Evolving in Monkey Town is one of those stories.” —Shauna Niequist (read more endorsements)

July 2010

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"There are many good books worth reading, but a truly remarkable book will leave you pondering matters long after the cover is closed. I loved this book.” —Karen Spears Zacharias (read more endorsements)

June 2010

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Evolving in Monkey Town impacted my spiritual journey in ways I never imagined. I can’t remember a book that I enjoyed reading more, partly because Rachel is a great writer, and partly because she so fearlessly examines the conflict between her inherited beliefs about God and the truth of her own spiritual experience. There’s a certain weight to Evolving in Monkey Town that distinguishes it from the other spiritual memoir books out there." —Jim Palmer (read more endorsements)

May 2010

Interview: Matt Appling The Church of No People