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Transformed Women, Christ, and Soft Patriarchy
by Erin Thomas

An Alternative Church Doctrine Statement
by Jessica Cheetham

Un-silencing Eve
by Suzannah Paul

We Are All Needed
by Kris Shiplet

Marriage Is For Losers
by Kelly Flanagan

The Dance of Mutuality in Ephesians 5
by Harriet Congdon

God, In Search of a Uterus
by Larry Shallenberger

"Of Religious Watch Dogs and Rules"
by Cheryl Lawrence

Week of Mutuality
by Brad Duncan

women in ministry - i'm over it
by Tony

What Makes a Pastor? Or Linda Horne and the Great Mystery
by Micha Boyett

How I Changed My Mind About Women in Leadership
by Kelly J Youngblood

Who's The Boss: Two Views on Marriage
by Chris Lautsbaugh

"A Good Man Is Hard to Find"
by Jessica Goudeau

Fathers and Daughters
by Micky

Starting Points
by Mark Baker-Wright

Submission of the Equal
by Russell Purvis

"That the word of God may not be reviled": Titus 2:3-5 and Women's Proper Place
by Emily Hunter McGowin

On Mutuality: Day One
by Trace James

Why I Submit to My Husband
by from two to one

Our marriage is based on love, not power.
by from two to one

As a woman, I will read Esther on my own terms, thank you very much
by perfectnumber628

by Erin Thomas

A Syncroblog for RHE on Mutuality: Day One
by Trace James

by Kari Baumann

Where's the Line? A Personal Narrative toward Gender Equality
by DC Cramer

faith-filled & feminist | theology, poetry, ministry, activism
by suzannah paul

What Does a Christian Egalitarian Marriage Look Like?
by Kristen (KR Wordgazer)

What Galatians 3:28 Cannot Mean
by Kristen (KR Wordgazer)

Are Women Seeking Ministry "Demanding Rights"?
by Kristen (KR Wordgazer)

Turning the Tables
by Kristen (KR Wordgazer)

Of Course She Can! (Theoretically): Gender in the Egalitarian Church
by Sarah Starrenburg

Revolutionary Subordination
by Travis Mamone

You Don't Have to Take Your Clothes Off to be Egalitarian
by Alise D. Wright

A Wife, a Mom, and So Much More
by Kelly J Youngblood

The Echo and the Voice
by Addie Zierman

Letter to my daughter
by Ben Irwin

What I Want From My Brothers
by Gina M Bakkun

Sister, Where Art Thou?
by Greta Cornish

Women's Work
by DL Mayfield

the Eucharist, the great equalizer
by Preston Yancey

What would happen if I didn't submit to my husband?
by Amy Mitchell

Why I'm Not Complementarian
by Joshua Carney

1 Corinthians 14: Orderly participation or silenced women?
by Marshall Janzen

Submission and Respect from Husbands – 1 Peter 3:7-8
by Margaret Mowczko

The Legacy of Dr. David M. Scholer
by Mark Baker-Wright

Genesis 3:16 Analyzed by Don Johnson
by Don Johnson

Does Someone Have to Be in Charge of Your Marriage?
by Kristen Rosser

Is Patriarchy More Beautiful than Egalitarianism?
by Jonalyn Fincher

Shacking up with Mutuality
by John Stonecypher

Complementary But Equal: Women in Orthodoxy
by Andrew Tatusko

Why God is Profoundly Egalitarian and Why we Need more Female Clergy
by Anita Mathias

Wives, submit to your husbands in everything, and other embarrassing Paulisms
by Anita Mathias

An Egalitarian Re-Learns Submission
by Rachel Strietzel

Sheep, Shepherds, and Complementarians
by Rachel Strietzel

A Synchroblog for RHE on Mutuality: Day Two
by Trace James

my journey towards mutuality
by Amy Lepine Peterson

You Can, But You Shouldn't: An Interesting Bit of Complementarian Logic
by Brice Ezell

Whispering a Bit Louder
by Micky

Church Plant Journal #2: Denomination, Peace, & Women in Ministry (#mutuality2012)
by Kurt Willems

Mutuality & Biblical Equality: A Remedial Case Study
by Mark Grace

Women's Speaking Justified
by Rosemary Zimmermann

S is for "Submission"
by David Warkentin

What Happened When He Wouldn't Rescue Me: an Idealist Looks at Mutuality
by Jenn LeBow

Christ as Feminist Leader
by Jade McDaniel

What Does It Mean to "Submit" In Marriage?
by Kevin Scott

Should Men Be Submissive to their Wives?
by Kevin Scott

by Lindsay Tweedle

For you are all sons of God
by Lyndsey Graves

Reclaiming Complementarianism
by Sarah Moon

Walk as He walked
by Heather Harris

A Marriage Manifesto - part 1 of 2
by Smoochagator

A Marriage Manifesto - part 2 of 2
by Smoochagator

Week of Mutuality: Uniquely Equal
by Leanne Penny

Is it Pragmatics or Power in Patriarchy?
by Richard Beck

How I came to preach a sermon about how I have no business preaching sermons
by Katherine Willis Pershey

When the Church Treats Women as Less than Fully Human
by Danielle LoVallo Vermeer

Do Unto Singles: Suggestions for the Church
by Leigh Kramer

A Radical Feminist Rabbi Named Jesus
by Paul A.

I am not a man, and neither is God!
by Kate Hanch

You can't have a ballroom dance in a mosh pit
by Heretic Husband

What is Courage?
by Micky

Reality: The Problem of Complementarianism
by Sonja Lund

On Being a Woman Pastor
by Joanna Harader

Reflections of a Flawed Egalitarian
by Andrew

I hate when sexism is actually practical
by perfectnumber628

All Translation is Interpretation
by Mark Baker-Wright

Why should UK Christians care about mutuality?
by Hannah Mudge

The Dichotomy That Chose Me
by Stephanie Nelson

Why I Voted To Obey
by Laura Ziesel

Power and Submission in a Cross-Shaped Marriage
by Shane Alexander

I was an Egalitarian and didn't even know it
by Rachel Spies

A letter to Christian girls
by Carlynn Jurica

Hey Boy
by Wendy Scoggins

Important Women in the Bible (and In Ministry!!!)
by Russell Purvis

What’s In A Roll (or Role)
by Russell Purvis

Scriptural Feminism
by Russell Purvis

by Russell Purvis

Bipolar Paul? (Which View is He Taking?)
by Russell Purvis

No Girls Allowed?
by Russell Purvis

The Context In Which It Doesn't Matter
by Matthew Shedd

Hitman, Roger Ebert and Myself: Case Studies in the Gender Wars
by Robert A. Bell

Women in Ministry - First Century and Today
by Howard Pepper

A Synchroblog for RHE On Mutuality 2012, Days Three-Five
by Trace James

To the Elders & Leaders of X Church, Fellow Believers in Christ
by Melody Harrison Hanson

Why Equality Matters
by Elizabeth Gregory Brown

I've Got Your Back, Deborah
by Jessica Parks

The Woman Pastor
by Jennifer Hackbarth

In which you are loved and you are free
by Sarah Bessey

by Sarah Bost-Askins

Paul's Personal Greetings to Women Ministers
by Margaret Mowczko

I Hear of Women Rising
by Amanda Peterson

Maybe women shouldn't lead churches
by Danny Webster

An E-mail Conversation with Pastor Complementarian
by Kelly J Youngblood

The Church Shopping Saga Continues: Does the Church Affirm Women in Leadership?
by Kelly J Youngblood

Making Space for the Feminine Voice
by Jenny Rae Armstrong

A Message To My Girls About Being A Woman
by Sheri Ellwood

A Letter to My Fellow Female Christ-Followers
by Allison Buzard

Mutual Obedience
by David Ozab

Why I think I have no "other half"
by Eric Snider

In Defense of Strong Women
by Caris Adel

Are Men the Only Leaders?
by Holli McCormick

Headship vs. Synergiship
by Holli McCormick

culture and context in Corinthians
by Amy Lepine Peterson

A Sisterhood of Ministers
by Sisterlisa

Gender in the Church: Solving for the Values of X and Y
by Kristin Richardson

The Importance of Sharing Stories
by Mark Baker-Wright

Hello. I'm a woman. And I'm a minister
by Christine Hand Jones

Heads or Tails?
by Rebecca Trotter

The Closest Neighbor
by Megan Clapp

Marriage Changed my View of Marriage
by Erin Adams

“Who Submits If You’re Gay?” Why Homosexuality Scares Some Religious Conservatives
by Casey Pick

More Than Equals: Women, Men, and the Bible
by RodtRDH

Forgotten Women In Church History: Marcella of Rome
by Kristen (KR Wordgazer)

What about unity?
by Lindsay Southern

What sheep thinks about Women Bishops
by Nick Morgan

Week of mutuality has roots in the 1970s evangelical left
by David Swartz

1 Timothy 2:11-12 — Plato and Paul, Teaching Against Loud Men and Women
by J. K. Gayle

Did the Early Church Agree on Women Leaders?
by Shawna R. B. Atteberry

Shackles Shook
by Kimberley Dawn

My Failed Christian Marriage
by Pam Hogeweide

I'm a minister...and a minister's wife
by Erin Collier

Fun-House Theology
by Paula Fether

Evangelical feminism, the 1970s evangelical left, and one couple’s journey toward mutuality
by David Swartz

Building Our Houses on The Sands of Inequality
by Matt Crosslin

Pondering Mutuality/Egalitarianism
by Amanda @Wandering On Purpose

Joseph, can you take a message for your wife?
by Elizabeth Knox

Women Preach, Men Do VBS
by Jennifer Luitwieler

I don't understand 'complementarianism'
by Brambonius

The Trinity and equality
by Graham Rutter

We need mutuality
by Carlynn Jurica

Top Ten Reasons Why Men Should Not Be Ordained
by Mark Baker-Wright

Screaming from the Pew
by Liz Myrick

Book Review: The Resignation of Eve, Part 3 - Submission
by D.L. Webster

A different conversation
by Janet Davis

Words From the Bridge
by Jenn LeBow

Becoming Who We Are
by Diana Trautwein

Maternal Mortality, Birth Control, and What God Desires
by Rachel Marie Stone

Dear Me in 20 Years...
by Erin Thomas

5 verbs each for equality
by kathy escobar

Why Women Shouldn't Give Up on the ETS
by Leslie Keeney

The two sides of Adam
by Marshall Janzen

Complementarianism is not "counter-culture."
by Brian LePort

Of Gods and Godheads
by Dianna

may I introduce logic to emotions?
by Kristen Nielsen

Acts of Confession Part 2: Gender equality and the Minister's wife
by Hannah Starkey

The Egalitarian and Complementarian Divide
by Allison

Why I Am Egalitarian
by Jonathan Aigner

Is the feminist issue really a slippery slope?
by Bethany Sundstrom

#1 enemy of Mutuality
by Rachael Robeson

Why I'm Not a Complementarian: By One Guy Who Should Be
by Scott Peterson

Encouraging Women to Attend This Year's ETS Part 1
by Amanda MacInnis

"Counter-cultural" isn't enough
by Jon Rogers

Slaves, Women & Homosexuals: How the Bible Supports Mutuality
by Renea McKenzie

Gender in the Church: Step Out of Line, Ladies
by Kristin Richardson

Man Vs. Wife - How we resolved our differing views on our roles in marriage
by Stephanie Pease

What IS God's dream for his world?
by Carolyn Arends

The Profound Tragety of Titanic Virtue
by James

The Community of Acts 4:32-35: An Inspiration for Equality Today
by Trevar J Simmons

Female Modesty, Sexuality and Autonomy: The Conversation Christians Need to Have
by Emily Leedham

Embracing Mutual Submission: A Study in Humility
by Rachel Leonard

"Who are you?"
by Elizabeth Korver-Glenn

When Men Rule
by Jason Dye

Egali-Comple-What?: A Post on Mutuality
by Annie W.

What I love about Egalitarians and why am not one
by Gabriel Stice

Melania the Elder
by Suzanne McCarthy

Hierarchy: what is it good for?
by Pam Elmore